Tom Brady Says Fuck You Julian Edelman I Ain’t Coming Back!

You are the dumbest person alive if you think Tom Brady is coming back this year! He looked right in Julian Edelman’s face and said “Fuck you. I don’t owe this organization anything”. The Raiders are about to back up the BRINKS truck for TB12. Who’s going to say no to $30 million a year to live in Las Vegas? The TB12 brand is worth $10 million in Boston. Could you imagine what it would be worth in LA? 30? Maybe 40 million by 2025?

“He’s coming back. He’s coming back.” – Julian Edelman

It looks like Tom just told Julian his plans right then and there. Seems like he took Edelman out for a nice night out on the town to ease the news. Look at this reaction:

That’s a, “Shit. We’re gonna blow next next year” look.

It sucks to see that Robert Kraft spent all that Tom Brady money on handjobs and a legal defense. Have fun with Andy Dalton next year Pats fans. Welcome back to Earth!

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