Previewing UFC Fight Night: Benavidez vs Figueiredo


Alright folks, let’s get this shit started. Tonight in Norfolk, Virginia we have Joseph Benavidez facing off against Deiveson Figueiredo for the vacant UFC Flyweight Championship of the world. Now i will say that this is already off to an extremely disappointing start for tonight as Deiveson missed weight by 2.5 pounds yesterday. It is absolutely asinine and unprofessional to miss weight, let alone miss weight for a world title fight. Imagine working your whole life to get to this point, world championship fight, main event on a card and you miss fucking weight? It is absolutely disgraceful by Deiveson to do that and not only does he not a have a chance to claim gold, he loses money, and if he were to win tonight, the title would STILL be left vacant and the Flyweight division will be in major jeopardy of being eliminated by Uncle Dana. He is only the 3rd fighter in UFC history to challenge for a title and miss weight. What a fucking shame man.

Lets stop focusing on the negative and focus on the man who can actually WIN the championship tonight in Joseph Benavidez. For those of you that dont know, this will be Benavidez’ 3rd world title shot in the UFC and 4th overall. He had one in WEC in the earlier part of his career and lost to the goat bantamweight, Dominik Cruz. He then was apart of the inaugural flyweight title fight where he barely lost to the goat flyweight and one of the greatest fighters of all time in Demetrious Johnson. He worked his way back to ANOTHER title shot against johnson, but got knocked out in the first round. Benavidez will now, 6 YEARS later, get his 3rd title opportunity. His last title shot was in December 2013 and now in February 2020, after being stuck in title shot purgatory, (mainly due to the fact that Demetrious Johnson was never losing) Benavidez will get his shot and could be the person to save the flyweight division. Benavidez getting one more crack at this belt, after six years of title shot purgatory, and the UFC nearly abolishing the entire division, is an incredible story, in my opinion — and I’m predicting a happy ending. I think Benavidez gets this done in spectacular fashion via TKO head kick and punches in the 4th round. This fight isnt on PPV, so if you have ESPN+ make sure to log in for this fight, it doesnt matter if you dont know who these two are, these are 2 men, (1 man?) trying to reach the mountain top after working for this their whole lives. What an awful situation it will be if Deiveson wins and the title goes to goddam vacant, but my goodness what an incredible and emotional moment it would be when Joseph Benazidez captures the Flyweight championship of the world. LFG!

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