Mets Turn to Venmo for Financial Help


Brodie Van Wagenen 2019

Brodie Van Wagenen (BVW) has learned a new way of receiving help to acquire free agents, and combat the Mets awful owners who refuse to spend money.

James Wagner of the New York Times has an article running now of Mets Fans going on Venmo to send the Mets some “spare change” to help field a competitive team.

BVW said he has received about 500 notification from Venmo either requesting money or receiving money from Mets fans. Read the full article here.…7/sports/baseball/venmo-mets

As a Mets fan I would not be giving this team jack shit till they sell the team. Now that Venmo is on their out of touch radar I would bet the mortgage that the Wilpons are starting an account to request money from fans.

That would be so on par for the two buffoons that own the Mets organization. All they care about is making money. Thats why they never spend it and, when they do it’s on 30 plus year olds that own a ranch and break their ankles fighting off wild boars.

And don’t get me started on Jason Bay. I still want my 28 dollars back from that shersey. So maybe I will be taking the Venmo approach.

Until this team is sold the Mets are going to Met. Thats just how it is. However like the idiot fan I am I still think they have a competitive team that could make a run in October. I am ready to have my heart broken again.

Also Join Kyle and myself when we Take a trip to Citizens Bank Park to take in the Phillies Vs. 1st place Mets series in August. ( Full disclosure Kyle has not agreed to this yet but I am using what I learned in Art of the Deal to strong arm him into this. )

Here’s to another Mets Baseball Season……… god damnit.



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