Jimmy Dingers Weekend Winners

Weekend Winners

Goooooooood Morning. Saturday Morning. That means collegeball, college basketball, and more on college hoops. Last day of February? Check. 68 teams have just under a month to fight for those top 68 spots. Absolute murder dogfight on the courts. These teams are ready to go.

Anyway, in my personal life, Jersey girl is no more. The accent, the lifestyle, everything. I just couldn’t do it. She also talked about her ex-boyfriend a lot which I didn’t like. “Listen, I don’t care that he’s in the hospital and has no other friends up here. I’m two and a half whiskeys deep, my bedroom is 3 steps from this couch, and I have been holding out from packing a mean dinger just to get what I want. I promise he will still be there in the morning.”

Without any other deliberation or pointless words:


Prov +8

Kentucky -6.5

Oklahoma +8.5

Michigan State +2.5

San Diego State -5

Gonzaga -13 (But I don’t love it)


KU -10.5, Baylor -8, and FSU -3


Duke vs UVA over 124

Duke has hit overs in the last 4 of 5. All of them around the 140-150 mark. I won’t pick a side because, anytime I do against or for Duke, I end up hating myself. BUT, if I was to I’d take Virginia. I just can’t put my trust in Duke after getting cleaned out by Wake Forest. Just a horrible defensive effort. Not in Cameron Indoor? 3-3 in their last 6. Don’t love it.

Good luck ladies and gentlemen. May the betting gods be ever in your favor.

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