Trump Supporters Confused Garth Brooks’ Barry Sanders Jersey For A Bernie Sanders Jersey



Garth Brooks posted a picture of him wearing a Barry Sanders jersey on his Instagram a couple of days ago after he performed at a concert in Detroit and Trump supporters lost their damn mind thinking it was in support for Bernie Sanders.


Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.06.27 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.06.21 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.06.10 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.06.05 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.06.00 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.05.45 PM


Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.04.17 PM


Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.03.58 PM


Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 12.03.04 PM


This guy:




And this guy:


barry sanders


Are not the same people.

One guy is a top 5 Running Back of all time that retired too early. The other runs back and forth to the bathroom an absurd amount of times because his bladder is weak and refuses to retire at 78. One made the playoffs, but retired for his health and one is about to layoff anyone who works in healthcare.

We need to institute a citizenship test for people born into this country to vote. Just a couple of questions that anyone with a brain could answer. You could hold up that picture of Garth Brooks in a Barry Sanders jersey like a Rorschach test. If people have an immediate reaction of, “I can’t believe Garth Brooks is wearing a Detroit Lions Bernie Sanders jersey!” Then sorry. Your right to vote is stripped away. Crazy people that can’t separate common sense from their beliefs don’t deserve the right to vote. Ship them off in the Diamond Princess Coronavirus Cruise ship out to sea never to return. They can start their own colony in the Atlantic Ocean.

It would be like Garth Brooks wearing an Aaron Donald jersey in LA and Democrats  going nuts on because they think he’s supporting Donald Trump. I can’t believe this many people don’t remember Barry Sanders. He was only inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004.

barry sanders hall of fame bust



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