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Im going to be joining and writing for Branded Sports, as the in-house MMA/UFC guy. This is my passion, its an obsession and in order to continue this growth i will keep going with this type of blog style. The MMA world is what drives me, its what wakes me up everyday, i have become in love with the greatest sport in the world that just so happens to have the greatest athletes and people in the world. I will be making predictions before the majority of fight cards, especially PPV’s and world title fights. Recaps and previewing whats next for the big names will be most likely on Mondays and maybe Sundays. The predictions and previews of the main fights will be Fridays or Saturdays. I wish i could describe what this sport is to me, its something i will never get bored of, and something i will be always always have the upmost respect for. I could go on and on and on about this sport and the people in it. It’s my job to keep the people informed and spread my knowledge of the sport, its athletes, and my opinion on it/them. This sport and the UFC have the potential to become the #1 sport in the world, i truly believe that. Thank you to Joe for giving me this platform/opportunity and to Eddie for setting it up! GET AFTER IT!


the ultimate fighter undefeated tuf 27 GIF by UFC

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