LIVE POLICE CHASE BLOG: A Half Naked Guy Stole An Ambulance In Northeast Philly


Holy shit we’ve got a stolen ambulance police chase live in Northeast Philadelphia at the moment. The Cops had two chances to get him originally, but we’ve seen him drive through police cruisers, spin out a PPA tow truck, and now he’s got a tire out. Follow along for live updates.



You’re crazy if you think that is the weirdest tweet ever about Philly. I just expected something like this to happen in February after the Eagles win the Super Bowl not a 30 degree day in late-February.


I’m sweating. This feels like I’m apart of LIVE PD.



The ‘ol Playing Possum maneuver! We’ve got a seasoned carjacker on our hands folks. This one might not be done for awhile.

Holy shit those maneuvers through a Sunoco were A+! I’ve seen Nissan Altima’s have a tougher time navigating gas stations. This guys whipping a two ton ambulance around unscathed. Heading down Frankford Ave with no care in the world. He just TATTOOED some sedan.


He’s now on Roosevelt Blvd which is like the most dangerous street in Philly when people aren’t driving stolen ambulances. The tire is blown and it’s turned into more of a police game of tag instead of a chase.




The passenger side tire is holding on for dear life.



Both tires are out. Possible gun shot in the leg of the suspect. Potentially naked too. I’m feeling a naked foot pursuit in our near future.



HE PITTED A PPA TOW TRUCK! I feel like everyone in Philadelphia who’s ever been on the receiving end of those PPA vultures is now vindicated! I think I’m actually rooting for this guy to get away now. You take down the PPA in this city you could become King!



We almost had a runner! He saw a cop and closed the door, just missing a Toyota Camry. I can’t lie, this guy is the cracked out naked version of the Duke Boys.



A SWAT TRUCK PIT! UNPRECEDENTED STUFF! Watch below for a prize inside…

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 10.40.50 PM


We’ve got a tase and gunshot wound to the leg! A lethal combo not typically seen in police chases, but there is a first for everything.



BAH GAWD THAT’S FRUIT OF THE LOOM’S MUSIC! If this guy didn’t shout Go Birds while he was being led away I don’t believe he really grew up in the Northeast.


half naked



Relax Karl ya wet blanket. Some of us are trying to enjoy a police chase and not think of the repercussions.



Unrelated, but have a fucking NIGHT Northeast Philly! You bat shit part of the city, you!

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