Jeff Okudah Just Stuffed This Reporter In A Locker For Saying He Has Sloppy Technique


Don’t you bring that weak ass question in Jeff Okudah’s lane if you don’t want to see that shit get swat! You better do some more film work nerd! Jeff Okudah knows his stats and the stats are he had no PI’s and no holds all last year. Sloppy technique? Okudah is probably going to be a 1st round pick and you want to come after him with sloppy technique?

Right here is where he knew he was about to bodybag this reporter for not doing his homework.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 6.08.54 PM


Some guys are humble in their responses during the combine since they are basically on a 24/7 interview while in Lucas Oil Stadium. Not Jeff Okudah. You bring those weak ass questions trying to paint him in a box and he’s going to throw it right back in your face.

Cut the tape again, nerd.


“We call Ohio State, B.I.A, Best In America.” If Okudah is around at pick 21 and every pick from 1-20 were all WRs, maybe the Eagles should take a flier on him.

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