I Think A Literal MAC Truck Just Ran The 40 Yd Dash In 5.11 #BigUglySZN



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CHOOOO! CHOOOOOOOOOO!!! Excuse me while a literal Amtrak runs through Lucas Oil Stadium. For reference Jason Kelce ran a 4.82 and he’s about 60 pounds lighter than Mekhi Becton. Could you imagine this Mac Truck leading the way on a screen pass? Just get the fuck out of the way! That was the fastest 40 for a guy over 350+ lbs since 2003. He’s also the heaviest player at the combine, but there is a reason for that.

His mom:


Nothing wrong with that big fella! You run like that you can have all the lunch meat and roast beef you want.

Mike Mayock just came in his shorts after watching this. Josh Jacobs might break the single season rushing record if Trent Brown and Mekhi Becton are on the line together next year. Derek Carr won’t have to worry about his eyeliner running after crying from being hit too hard with those two Big Uglies on the team.


Who am I kidding as long as a Davis owns the Oakland Raiders, the fastest WR on the board is going to Oakland. Henry Ruggs better be fitting himself for a silver and black suit.

Honestly this might be the most athletic OL I’ve ever seen.

He can dunk and play multiple positions.





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