Huge Weekend, We Need More Wins! Esports Betting Guide

I know I said it a few weeks ago and then immediately told you to go bet on them but we are DONE betting on Team Liquid. D O N E. This split they are basically the Philadelphia 76ers. You look at their roster and can’t even fathom how they could lose even one game but game after game and week after week they disappoint you. Philly and TL have been added to my “Do Not Bet” list for the rest of the season/split, mush city. After a shitty week we are now 7-8 but don’t worry, we’ll recover.

Golden Guardians Vs. Immortals -135

This will be the second time these teams play and Immortals got the better of GG last time and cost me money. I’ve said it before if I bet on Immortals they lose and if I bet against them they win. I’m taking Immortals so you might want to jump onto GG for even odds but I think I’m right this time… hopefully.


Evil Geniuses Vs 100 Thieves +110

100T has been nothing but average this entire split which was to be expected. I thought they’d be a middle of the road team and they’ve just that. 4-6 entering this week but I actually really like them in both of their games this week. They lost to EG the first time they played but there is something in the air. I don’t know but I just feel like the boys get up for this game and handle their business. Bang vs his old team might be an issue but I believe in Cody Sun. Also, it isn’t one of my official picks but 100 Thieves is +185 against Team Liquid for Sunday. Maybe it’s the spite talking but I love that game for the Thieves.

LCS Spring 2020 Week 1

Team Dignitas Vs Flyquest -145

I’m trying not to be bias because I really love Dignitas in this game. I think I keep doubting Flyquest and they keep performing so this is their prove it game for me. Win win for me, either Fly win and I make beaucoup bucks or Dig wins and a team I like stops sucking.


I have just not been as good as I have needed to be with these picks but to all of mine and Brandeds millions of degenerate followers, stick with me. The doubters will rue the day when we all have private jets because of these picks.

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