Gordon Hayward Wore Custom Coronavirus Shoes To Show His Support?

Gordon Hayward is taking A STAND with these custom Coronavirus kicks.


Nothing any athlete loves more than customizing their sneakers to make a social or political statement. Most of the time I think it’s just written in Sharpie on top of an already existing sneaker, but Gordon Hayward is really committed to showing his support for the victims of Coronavirus, I guess.

If you asked people to guess what statement these shoes are making I’m not sure one would say they are in support of ending the Coronavirus. Maybe representing being a Cancer/Leo cusp sign, or something about global warming, but not a mysterious deadly disease. Are they raising money for anything or just trying to raise awareness about the Coronavirus here in America–it’s very unclear?

Odell looking at this like are you fucking serious? I want to put a little horse hair on my cleats and this guy’s just got the Coronavirus being brutally murdered painted on his shoe?

This is the whitest shoe customization ever from Gordon Hayward so it makes sense. If this isn’t the move that officially ends Coronavirus worldwide, I’m not sure what will.


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