Bleacher Report Claims The Entire City Of Philadelphia Hated Markelle Fultz


Bleacher Report’s, Mirin Fader, had an article on Markelle Fultz and his resurgence this season with the Orlando Magic. If a resurgence is 11 ppg with 5 apg when you’re a former number 1 pick then fine. But this is about Bleacher Report, who seems like a scorned lover with the amount of Sixers hate they’ve published this year. I think BR and The Ringer are having a competition of who wants to fuck the Sixers and their fans more. About two paragraphs in Bleacher Report broke the record for least amount of words written before it slandered Philadelphia in some capacity. Beating the previous record set two days ago when the grown up guitarist from School of Rock, Kevin O’Connor, found ways to flip Ben Simmons for D’Angelo Russell.

You couldn’t even get into the point of the article before Mirin made a claim that the entire city of Philly hated Markelle, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.


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I’m sorry Markelle couldn’t count sleep, but it hardly had to do with Sixers fans. Were we frustrated? Fuck yea. We traded the Sacramento pick, which was valuable at the time that ended up turning into a late lottery pick. The only thing I’m mad about with that trade is the fact Danny Ainge was always going to draft Jayson Tatum whether he was 1st or 3rd and he fleeced Bryan Colangelo who was instituted by the Shadow Commissioner, his father, Gerry.

The thing is Philadelphia was never mad at Fultz, but we did have every right to be. How he sustained the injury has never been disclosed, which many believe happened in a bike accident. If you followed him on Snapchat or IG he was at Chik-Fil-A it felt like every day while rehabbing. And last season, after he lost his starting spot to Jimmy Butler, his agent Raymond Brothers came out and said Fultz wouldn’t participate in any practices or games until they performed another procedure into his shoulder. And then he requested a trade out of Philly. Fultz and his people gave us plenty of reasons not to like him or trust that he was actually working towards getting better.

But don’t come after this city or the fans and try to paint that we never gave Fultz a shot.  It takes 5 second to Google to find out you’re completely fabricating lies to drive clicks.

Look at these fans launching obscenities at him when he checked in after a long stint on the DL.


How about all of these boo’s when Markelle became the youngest player to ever record a triple double.


Were the Sixers fans mocking a young Markelle by lifting their arms over their head to chant his name, something his shoulder joints are incapable of doing?


Do you ever read an article and halfway through you’re mad at yourself for giving someone a pageview? Because this article is one of them. Mirin Fader should have to return her Up and Comer award from Folio Magazine, which may be a made up rag.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 4.18.46 PM


“She has a unique approach to reporting…”

If unique means totally making up lies, then yea I see where Folio is coming from.


P.S. This is probably me just looking for ways to poke holes in the story, but it’s pretty funny no starter or current Sixer gave a quote for this story.


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