Minnesota Up 8 With Two Minutes To Go Loses & Ruins Local Gambler’s Night


That local gambler is me. My night is ruined. Minnesota was up 17 at one point in the first half! Jalen Smith was wasting away on the bench with 3 fouls. They were up 8 with 2 minutes to go. I went to walk the dog because I thought it was locked up. I come back and they’re down by 1 with a second left. Minnesota was on FIRE. What the fuck happened? It was turning into a blowout. One of those ‘scroll Twitter while watching the game’ games. They couldn’t miss a 3. Richard Pitino was taking Mark Turdgeon behind the woodshed ready to give him the best 19 seconds of his life. Typical a Pitino blew his load before the act was finished.

Make the kids speak! I need answers! Face me and your fears! Atone for your sins! HISSSS! BOOOOO!

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