Maurkice Pouncey Is Not A Fan Of The New CBA


Not a fan might be an understatement. That’s actually two votes against the proposed CBA because he did say the Pouncey ‘Twins’ are voting no. I just assume all twins speak for each other no matter the situation, without even speaking to the other. I mean you shared the same uterus for 9 straight months, I’m pretty sure twins are able to telecommunicate with each other at all times. When the Steelers play the Dolphins are the Pouncey twins allowed to intercept each others thoughts? Or do they have an agreed upon deal that they can’t read each other’s minds in between the lines?

The CBA drama is going to be awesome this year if the NFLPA and owners continue to stay divided. In 2010 we were just scratching the surface of social media. We didn’t even have Instagram or Snapchat back then and Shaq was the biggest personality on Twitter. I’m pretty sure there were statements still being released by players on their Facebook page. I can’t wait to see how far we’re going to take it. Carson Wentz is going to be shooting clay pigeons with Jeffrey Lurie’s face on it by the end of this. Lamar Jackson is going to film himself burning the Duster jacket Steve Bisciotti gave him on Draft night in protest. Jerry Jones is going to be in debt from all the 5 star hooker charges he racks up on his corporate card because he’s got too much time on his hands with no football. His butler is going to be cleaning the cum out of Jerry’s belly button instead of his glasses at this rate.



We are only scratching the surface of how crazy this off-season can get. Give me CBA drama up until July to get me through the dead period at least. Blogs gotta eat.


P.S. 100 out of 100 times an athlete delivering a shirtless rant on their Instagram story while driving is going to be must watch stuff and this one didn’t disappoint.

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