Jerry Jones Has Been Thinking About Dez Bryant in the Shower

It’s early in NFL Combine week but we didn’t think we could see a quote more outrageous than Jerry Jeudy wearing a Star of David chain because his nickname is “Jeu”. But, in typical Jerry Jones fashion, he couldn’t let anyone stand him up in that department!


Nothing to see here, just a grown man fantasizing about another grown man while he bathes. Happens all the time. Haven’t you ever seen Brokeback Mountain? That was a quality film where men fantasized about each other with a heartbreaking ending, much like Dez and the Cowboys.

Here’s what I’ll say about Jerry fantasizing about wanting Dez back: be careful when it comes to turning fantasies into reality, it can be expensive. Ask the Catholic Churches filing for bankruptcy how costly it can be when their fantasies about much younger males turn to reality.

Cowboys still have to pay Dak. They still have to re-sign Amari Cooper. They already extended Zeke with a big deal. Now add Dez to the mix? Sheesh, that’s a large tab.  This is the most Jerry Jones will have to pay for Dez since he got that video of him beating the shit out of a woman in the Wal-Mart parking lot erased from existence.

If I had to venture a guess, Dez won’t be back in Dallas. There have been some Eagles fans excited by the thought of the long-time Cowboy joining the Eagles. Only Philadelphia fans would KNOW the team needs to get younger, get told by the front office that the team needs to get younger, and then get distracted by this shiny toy.

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