This Chart Says The Sixers Will Make The NBA Finals This Year

Or at least that’s how I’m going to read it. I mean look at these numbers


16 of the 21 teams on here ended up making the Finals. And do you know what 16/21 is???????? 76%. I mean if that’s not destiny than I don’t know what is. As long as Ben isn’t done for the rest of the season the Sixers all joking aside will have legit shot at making a finals run.

Philly has the easiest remaining schedule in the league and after March 3rd they won’t play another road game against an opponent with a winning record. If Ben was healthy I’d be talking right now about them finishing the year on a 19 game winning streak. Right now the focus is on that 3rd seed and Boston. Currently 4.5 games behind them with no head to head match ups left. We’ll have to catch them the old fashioned way.

Boston has Jazz on the road tonight and then back home to play the Rockets. Those could easily both be a loss and if the Sixers can take care of business @ Cleveland tonight and home against the Knicks tomorrow, we’ll officially have ourselves a race.

The key is getting Ben back. The optimists are saying two weeks but I think this is four weeks minimum. Which would hopefully bring Ben back by March 24th for a game at Minnesota. Meaning he’d miss the next 12 games starting today. Realistically you need to win eight of those 12. If the Sixers can do that and get Ben back by that date, they’ll have a real shot at catching Boston before the end of the year.

And remember the Sixers hold the tiebreaker over Boston, that basically gives them one game in hand. I don’t know about the rest of you but I couldn’t be more excited for the end of this season and heading into the playoffs. 

Philly is going to be dangerous, mark my words.

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