These Dudes Had A Damn WWE Match In The Middle Of A Wal-Mart


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Alright the WWE needs to sign these two dudes doing fucking BACK FLIPS into two bean bags immediately! Anyone who is crazy enough to flip AND agree to flip into nothing but a couple of bean bags on the floor is a crazy person. Just imagine what they can do in the squared circle. These dudes are going to be jumping from the Jumbotron at Wrestlemania by next year.

I mean the Sweet Chin Music sell by the one guy was flawless! The execution to then reverse it, throw him on his shoulders and set him up for the finisher was perfection. And then just when I thought we were done the one guy decided to perform a backflip that had 0 room for failure. These aren’t small dudes either. Carrying a combined 400 lbs through the air could send the Earth off of it’s gravitational axis. Look at this!


Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 10.39.29 AM


Could you imagine being in the Paint & Hardware section at that moment? You and the wife are deciding if you want to go with a nice Revere Pewter for the living room or a stylish Berkshire Beige to really bring out the natural lighting you get in your room. Just then you look over and Lil Yachty’s fat cousin is back flipping through the air off of a checkout stand!

I know it’s always been said, but the 90s RAW is WAR days were the greatest. You had the Rock, Stone Cold, Degeneration X, the Undertaker. A diaper wearing Rakishi sticking his ass in people’s faces.


Sabel running around with nothing but two painted on hands to cover her boobs.




Trish motherfucking Stratus! Torrie Wilson! Stacey Kiebler!




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Plus some of the greatest matches and promos ever.




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