The Flyers Surprised Cancer Survivor Jacob Orlick For The Game Last Night & Now He Wants To Mentor Oskar Lindblom


Sheesh, that was emotional as hell. By the end of Taryn Hatcher’s sideline report about Jacob you could hear her voice getting choked up. What an awesome job by the Flyers to invite Jacob Orlick to the game last night. Jacob unfortunately is battling Ewing’s Sarcoma the same cancer that Flyer Oskar Lindblom is fighting currently. Good news is though at the time of this blog he’s beaten the cancer and now wants to be a mentor too Oskar as he continues to fight.

What a fucking superstar this kid is! I love everything about this kid top to bottom. Not only the poise and maturity to stare cancer in the face and say “Fuck you”, but the outlook on life even though he was dealt a shitty hand. No one would’ve expected Jacob to do anything after he beat cancer. That monumental feat is enough. But the fact that he wants to get out there and inspire people, especially people twice his age, well people ain’t born like that everyday folks. Holy shit this kid is awesome!

Keep on inspiring people, Jacob. Because it goes a hell of a lot farther than you know.

Speaking of Oskar, over the weekend it was awesome to see Oskar Lindblom surprise the Flyers as they walked back to the locker room after they beat Winnipeg.



I mean Alain Vigneault lit up like a Christmas Tree at his post-game press conference after seeing Oskar.  He had a smile from ear to ear.



This Flyers team is on a tear and now they can add one more reason to take home the Cup this year. Win one for Oskar and win one for Jacob. And as always FUCK CANCER!


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