Start Your Day With: Announcer’s Insane Reaction To Winning 50-1 Bet At Kentucky Derby

I mean this is what it’s all about. This why when you’re down you come back to scratch that itch. For the raw emotion like this. Being down $1,000 sucks, but when you hit a 15 team parlay for $3k out of your ass it makes it all worth it again. There’s no better feeling then hitting a bet on the last seconds of a game or the horses. Everything about this video was great. The chemistry of the three guys who you know love nothing more than to bet horses. The 30 newspapers strewn about the desk to find any competitive edge they could. I don’t know how to describe winning a 50-1 long shot because I never have. But one day I hope to share in the pure enjoyment like our guy here got to.

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