Start Your Day With: Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart, & Ice Cube Take A Lyft



I don’t think Conan get’s nearly enough love in the talk show circuit as he deserves. Obviously that whole debacle with Jay Leno leaving, Conan replacing him, and then Leno coming back after a couple months didn’t really allow him to show what he’s got for a national audience. His late night show still gets some of the best ratings and he’s not even on network TV. This spot he filmed with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube was an all timer. This came out 6 years ago when Kevin Hart was just blowing up on his way to super stardom and Lyft wasn’t even in Philly yet. Lyft still made their drivers ride around with those stupid pink mustaches on their grill. The whole 9 minutes is worth it to kill time on your commute.


Conan O’Brien has had such an underrated career:

President of the Harvard Lampoon

Writer for The Simpsons in it’s Heyday

Writer for SNL

Late Night Host

Tonight Show


More Conan:



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