From a Ginger: Kevin Huerter Was in the Wrong and Joel Embiid Was Totally Justified in Late Game Actions

Last night, Joel Embiid completely dominated the Atlanta Hawks. As he hit a Kevin Durant-esque three pointer to cap the game and give him 49, he literally danced on Atlanta’s grave on his way down the court. And if that wasn’t enough to love in Embiid’s career high, he had one cherry on top.

Embiid was trying to run the clock out, be a gentleman to the Hawks, take his ovation as God of Philadelphia and go home. But, Kevin “Hardo” Huerter had other ideas, coming from behind Embiid to strip him of the ball.

Joel Embiid did the only reasonable thing a human in that situation would do, and gave Huerter the middle finger.

JoJo is going to get fined for this, but Huerter is absolutely in the wrong here. You know I’m not being biased because I’m a ginger and it’s very rare someone of our kind does anything remotely athletic. He embarrassed us reds everywhere with that horse shit. I would pay the fine but since I’m poor, I’ll do it spiritually for you Joel.

Don’t let Kevin Huerter being a dick from Joel Embiid saving this franchise from a colossal spiral.

A slew of injuries plaguing the team. Sky high expectations have now dipped to their lowest point. Doubt has crept into the minds of fans. One star remains to carry the load for the team to salvage the season. What does that remind you of? Yup, Joel Embiid is going full #DecemberCarson.

It all started with 49 points. And 1 middle finger.

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