Dick Pound Drops His Balls On Tokyo And Threatens To Cancel The 2020 Olympics

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Dick Pound has had enough of the Coronavirus and how he’s threatening to drop the hammer on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He’s laying his nuts on the table and letting the Japanese know that if by May they don’t have the virus under control he’s going to cancel the Olympics. The former Canadian Gold medalist swimmer won’t hammer down any assumptions yet, but just know the #TrouserSnake is lurking just around the corner ready to bludgeon Tokyo’s great Olympic history. If it was up to him today he would shoot a love dart right into the neck of the Japanese IOC President. Maybe dress him with a nice pearl necklace for humiliation’s sake. ‘Ol Cock and Balls, Dick Pound, used to run the World Anti-Doping Agency with an Iron Shaft. That means he’s tickled the tonsils of Russians. He’s not scared of a bunch of Japanese. You think he’s worried about cancelling the precious Olympics? When the Pelvic Pulverizer wakes up in the morning, it takes him two hands to stuff his Uncle Remus into his pants. It’s your move Japan. Delete the Coronavirus or know that you’ve got a one way ticket to Pound Town.

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