Ben Simmons To Be Re-Evaluated In Two Weeks: The ‘Ol Embiid Special Is Back!


How about that? Yesterday I called it that the Sixers will come back with no clear timetable on Ben’s back issue, but will tell us they’ll re-evaluate him in two weeks. We call this the ‘Ol Embiid Special.


Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 4.42.54 PM


This is the Sixers medical staff’s favorite move. They love buying themselves some time to put their Dr. Brains together, talk about their $500k student loan debt just for a piece of paper, and continue to lube up the Sixers and fuck them. What kind of medicine are we working with over there in Camden? I feel like their treatment plan is quaaludes, Gatorade, and rest. Maybe strap up a guy up to a muscle stimulator if they’re feeling crazy.

If you search ‘sixers re-evaluated’ on Twitter it’s amazing the long history all the way back to 2014 you can find.


I don’t like to blame medical staffs because I know a ton more goes into it including injury history and teams need to be careful what they release. But there is so much evidence here that there is a problem somewhere. Whether it’s the staff, guys not taking re-hab seriously, or other factors.

There’s no doubt the staff brought back Ben faster than they should have. With a primetime Saturday game on ABC against the #1 team in the league they rushed him. Now Ben will be dealing with this for the rest of the season, and who knows if it’ll affect his career.

And this is nothing new. Remember when they showed that graphic of Allen Iverson back in the day of all those injuries he had? They had a whole commercial dedicated to it. I know injuries are  apart of the game and AI rarely missed one, but players nowadays are playing 1,000 more games by the time they get to the NBA with AAU, Travel, & High School ball than pro’s were in the past.




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