Mugshot Monday: Live Action Beavis and Butthead


Here I am minding my own business, doing some extensive Mugshot Research when I came across what I chose today.

If you think scrolling through thousands of mugshots is easy work.. Ask my eyes and my thumbs how they feel.

This is a very important Branded segment. I mean have you ever heard of Misty Loman?? My point exactly.

I have covered celebrities to nobodies… As long as the mugshot is good. Now… Cartoon lookalikes?

I give to you… The Star in MTV’s soon (to never make) live action Beavis & Butthead:

Image – Viralnova

I mean… The shape of his head aside, dude what happened? Did someone attack him with tiny knives? Did he hide from the cops in a pricier Busch? Oh I know… He took a bath in barbed wire.

Staring next to Beavis is the one and only… Butthead:

Image – Viralnova

These two dudes will defiantly chase the Lesbian Seagull.

Image – Loudwire

If you are too young and have no idea who Beavis and Butthead are… Do yourself a favor and do some research.

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