Joe Burrow Doesn’t Want To Play In Cincinnati And I Can’t Blame Him

Let’s go! Astros and the baseball world are getting all this attention this off season and Joe Burrow said hold my Natty Light. He shouldn’t have to play for the Bengals. Feel like that is some sort of cruel and unusual punishment after putting up one of the greatest college season in the history of the sport. When Eli was a little cry baby about the Chargers I think it annoyed people because it’s San Diego. Who wouldn’t want to go to there and get paid millions to play football. It is the American dream. But Joe is about to be shipped to Cincinnati which is a city no one likes or even knows anything about.

Seriously, take a moment and without googling think of something from Cincinnati……

What did you think besides Ohio, Bearcats and the Reds? Anything??? Nope, why, because it’s a trash hole of a city. Joe is too cool for that city. He needs to be in Miami. Burrow rolling around South Beach in some salmon colored shorts is what the NFL needs. We don’t want to see him wearing some ugly coat from Burlington walking around Cincinnati. Just typing that made me gang.

Do the right thing Miami. Get that trade package together.


Featured Image: Fansided

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