Annnnd NEW… Fury Beat The Shit Out Of Wilder

Wilders family should send that ref and his cornerman flowers for stopping that fight. I’m not gonna sit here and act like I’m some boxing or fighting expert but that was one of the more dominant fights I have ever seen. I mean at no point was that fight ever a question, as soon as this big gypsy was carried out to the ring you knew it was over.

Wilder really might have the worst corner guys of all time though. Like after he gets his head knocked around they just give him some advice that I could’ve gave. Go at him and throw the right. They’re was no advice on how to stop the CTE. I mean they barely cleaned him up, the start of each round he looked more hurt than when he got to the corner. Wilder got his ass beat so bad people are talking about cancelling the rest of BHM.

Only thing more impressive than Fury during the fight was Fury after the fight. Dude broke one of the most prolific knockout artists I have ever seen and than sang some tunes for us.

A dude built like Peppa Pig is the best fighter and there isn’t a close second. Our social team is asking if there should be a trilogy and Wilder should fight them for suggesting that. Once he gets his brain put back in his head of course.

Still can’t believe Nikola Jokic snuck into the ring and started licking Wilder, that was in poor taste by him.

Got this man looking like a 90s cartoon cat, just cancel the whole sport. Can’t believe people actually pay to watch these fights, what big dumb morons.

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