Remember The Guy Who Punched A Police Horse At The Eagles Tailgate? Well He’s Back To Breaking The Law

SOURCE – PHILADELPHIA — The man who punched a police horse outside a Philadelphia Eagles game in 2018 was sentenced to prison for an unrelated incident that occurred in Northampton County in summer 2019.

Taylor Hendricks, 24, of Whitehall, was sentenced to 23 months in prison and 2 years of probation after pleading guilty to felony criminal trespassing and simple assault, according to court records.

The charges stemmed from a June 1, 2019 incident in Bethlehem. According to Action News, Hendricks broke into a woman’s home at about 1:30 a.m. on that date then beat up her boyfriend, leaving him with severe injuries to his face.

Remember when Philadelphia Eagles tailgates weren’t the most pro-horse friendly back during the Eagles Super Bowl run? We had two straight weeks of reports there were fans who punched a police horse. One was this guy:

The other was this lad:

We’re talking about the second guy smiling in his mugshot. Listen if you smile in your mugshot you aren’t a motherfucker to be trifled with. Smiling mugshot guys have always had a screw or two loose. That smile says I’ll be back here.

Narrator: And back there he would be…

The horse puncher decided to break into a woman’s house and beat up her boyfriend who suffered serious facial injuries. Honestly, pretty scumbag stuff. I don’t think the horse puncher has the greatest moral compass so I’m doing a little victim blaming on this one. I feel like the Patch, and I LOVE the Patch, is burying some details to this story. This is most definitely a love triangle. The woman involved is probably the horse puncher’s ex-girlfriend and the victim is the rebound guy. Listen, the rebound guy needs to know his new girl’s past. And if that past involves a guy who was arrested for punching a horse, sorry babe no ones worth the chance of what could happen. First, it’s a horse. Then it turns to a human. And then you’re minding your own business at 1:30 am to be woken up getting socked in the face like it’s Rocky tenderizing the cow slabs in the meat fridge.

No sex is worth having to explain to your boss why you have to take off because your cheek bones are floating around in your face. And we’ve all been there. You’re hanging out with a girl who you know has an ex with a checkered past. Get out immediately. Because he’s probably the type of guy who shows up to her place at 2am to make a scene. He’s definitely a smiling mugshot guy. I mean I’m worried this guy is getting out in 23 months and he’s going to track me down just for writing about him. I probably made a grammatical error somewhere and he’s looking for any reason to cave my face in.

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