Mike Missanelli’s Twitter Account Got Hacked By A Pyramid Scheme #FreeMikeyMiss

Starting this Saturday morning off with our dear Philly Pheud friend, Mike Missanelli, getting hacked by some get rich quick scheme.

As of 8am Saturday morning, Mikey Miss avi was missing and his name is just “.”. It’s literally just a period not even a single letter. Everything has been scrubbed from the profile minus the Twitter handle letting you know that it is indeed, @MikeMiss975.


The hacker has started shooting off tweets about some money scheme, how they can turn $5000 into $85000. Or, asking followers to donate to a “charity” via Bitcoin.

This has got to be the most high profile hack since Offset hacked Offset’s account to make it look like he wasn’t cheating and tweeted “I like ballz on my face”. What a stroke of genius that was.

I personally like Missanelli’s Twitter account. People always say they get this impression that Mikey Miss thinks he’s above everyone. But on Twitter, he argues with Trump supporters all the time and gets in the mud just like the rest of us. We are not as different as one might think!

If Missanelli’s account is gone forever, this will have been his last (real) tweet:

Laughably spot on as always.

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February 23, 2020 8:12 am

Damn, get of Mikey Moosh’s knob