We Won Money Last Week, Maybe We’ll Win Some This Week! Esports Betting Guide

I told you last week that we were done losing and then I went 2-1. The way things were going I’ll take it, pretty disappointed in Immortals but I’ll try and forgive them. This week I genuinely don’t love any of the games. Like do I take Cloud 9 -850? For sure can’t do that. Yeah they’ll win but that’s a joke. We’re going for value again, it continues to bite me in the ass but it is what we’re doing.

Immortals Vs. Dignitas -170

Every single time I bet against Immortals they win. Not today. Dig is coming off of an embarrassing loss to Golden Guardians and if they have any heart at all they will show out against Immortals. This is where we find out if Dig is for real or complete trash.

Evil Geniuses Vs. Team Liquid -235

EG did a whole lot of shit talking in preseason to just end up being mediocre and TL should be turning it around. Broxah got his VISA figured out and has been able to play with the team. I fully expect to get the TL that we had been getting the last 2 years. Just pure dominance. Don’t love the odds but I love the team, unless Doublelift is on Senna then I take it all back.

Flyquest Vs. CLG +175

You guys know by now I love risks and hate winning money and that is what this pick is all about. CLG just signed Pobelter and they’re not going to beat C9 but Pob might be the spark to turn the split around for CLG. Yes, that is the face that will bring CLG back to not complete and total dogshit.

*All lines are from Bovada*

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