ESPN Is Ballwashing LeBron James For Remembering The Last Play From The All- Star Game…4 Days Ago


Hey I’m all for the media getting their clicks and impressions on a slow February newsday with no basketball. It doesn’t matter if you’re a billion dollar company like ESPN or Branded Sports, clicks keep the lights on and impressions=dollars. But trying to pass off that LeBron has a photographic memory bullshit because he recounted what happened 4 days ago is a stretch.


LeBron has had nothing to do since Sunday. He probably watched this play 100x over the last 4 days scrolling through Twitter and having ESPN on in the background. It was singlehandedly the biggest play of the whole game. Now if he recounted what happened in the 2nd quarter with 3:30 left to go, maybe I’d be more impressed. If we’re deeming people who can remember things from 4 days ago geniuses than you better sign me up to Mensa.

We’ve become obsessed with “photographic memories” in athletes. LeBron did it in Game 1 recalling a play against Boston in the 2018 Playoffs and Twitter lost it’s shit!

Poor LeBron’s mind is so powerful it can turn against him in at any moments notice, which is worse then tearing his ACL supposedly! His mind is such a gift and a curse!

Let’s all praise LeBron because he can remember how someone guarded him one time or how this play happened in the 2017 finals with 4 minutes to go. I’m pretty sure he’s just watching film and we laud him like he’s fucking Einstein splitting atoms.

Sean McVay was the first one. Recalling plays while on HBO’s Real Sports. I mean Gumbel why don’t you just give him the answer. Time on the clock and down? And it was a big play? Ask him what happened on 3rd and 6 with 6:25 left in the 2nd quarter and CJ Anderson scampered our of bounds for a 3 yd gain. Then I’d be impressed.

Deshaun Watson broke down a coverage and everyone lost their minds. He just described the Panthers Cover 4 defense. Which is his job to breakdown defenses. Could you imagine making a graph on an Excel spreadsheet and Twitter just losing their minds at the flawless colors you used in your pie chart?

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