The Rays Have A Ticket Package That The Phillies Need To Adopt This Season

How about that? When was the last time the Rays did something better than the Phillies. The team can’t fill a ballpark when they are one of the best teams in baseball but here they are in 2020 topping every other team in the league.

The Rays announced some special ticket packages yesterday that are pretty sweet. One is something we’ve seen baseball do before and that is the monthly pass. $36 a month for standing room only. It’s a great play for a team like the Rays. Everyone will just be sneaking down to the lower level seats as they will be wide open. That should help make it look like Tampa Bay has fans. They Don’t.

But the one package they announced was their ‘win’ package and I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t sound amazing. Here are the details:


I mean come on. How awesome would that be for the fans. Win 4 and you start playing shoot until you miss. Lets Fucking Goooooooooooooooo! I’d buy like 5 packs right away. Mix and match some games. Like a baseball parlay but you can’t really lose. They go 3-1, you still got to see four good games. They go 4-0, you get some free baseball. They go 0-4, you got to get shitfaced at the ballpark for a convenient price. Win. Win. Win.

Please Phillies. I’m begging you. Do this. And add another stipulation. If someone goes like 10-0 they get playoff tickets as well. At that point they are a good luck charm and need to be treated as such. Do the right thing Middleton.

Featured Image: WFLA

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