How to Accept Rejection: Police Chief Edition

I’m going to talk up New Hampshire and New England until I die. Love this place. Ski mountains, low taxes, snow. These are things that the trash down in Philly don’t understand.

The best part of NH is how petty our residents are. Commitment is the name of the game. You want to fuck us? Fuck you. I’m going to make this a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Croydon NH. Small town with 700 residents. They had one member on their staff. That was chief Richard Lee. Now I don’t know much about this guy but the commitment to this mustache is second to none. I appreciate him already.

So Chief Lee goes into work one day and town selectmen (like a board of mayors for those of you that don’t have a proper education) decided they no longer wanted a police department. An extremely bold move on their part. “We don’t need this one cop we have. We will just figure it out when someone gets face murdered”

This police chief was pissed. Over 20 years serving these people, solving face murder crimes, whatever. Just let go.

This is the best part. The guy also had a take home cruiser given by the town. He drove it to and from work. They asked for him to turn in his gun, badge, uniform, and keys. Well he did but he didn’t have a ride home.

Like any other stubborn NH man, he’s not calling his wife. Fuck that. He’s not no clothes, no car, nothing. He just starts walking home. Underwear and boots he makes the trek. Just a massive middle finger “sit on it and spin” to the town.

I like this guy’s style. I propose a movement. From now on, people that are fired that because you suck at your job? Just start taking your clothes off. Down to your underwear. Then, walk home. I don’t care how long of a commute you have, whatever. This is a movement. A community of solidarity.

Cheers to you Me. Lee. You’re inspiring a nation.

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