Tuck Yourself In With: Through The Fire – The Sebastian Telfair Documentary


Through the Fire was right before ESPN’s 30 for 30 came out. When they used to have all the documentaries on ESPN Classic and no one could actually find ESPN Classic. I remember when cable packages treated ESPN Classic like it was HBO and took it away from basic cable. Good riddance! No one wanted to watch Mike Lupica on Sports Reporters anyway.

The Sebastian Telfair documentary had everything. The next great New York point guard who was growing up in the projects and was on the cover of Sports Illustrated while in high school. Many people don’t remember that Telfair was heralded in some circles to be the next best high schooler since LeBron. He was at least going to have the career of another Coney Island product, Stephon Marbury.

He went to Lincoln High School. A powerhouse of New York basketball that has had players like Stephon Marbury, Lance Stephenson, and Jesus Shuttlesworth come through. His story unfortunately never panned out and he never spent more than two seasons on a team while in the NBA over his 10 year career. Then in August he was sentenced to three years in prison for weapons charges. Every high school hoop star should be required to watch this documentary.

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