I Demand Kyle Writes An Apology Blog To All Flyers Fans

So last night I was trying to enjoy some quality time with my daughter. We were singing along to the Frozen soundtrack. There were laughs, there were smiles. It looked like something out of a hallmark Christmas special. And then suddenly I was hit with a text. All it said was “get your shit together.” And had this picture below.

At first I was confused. Why would we need to get our shit together? Seems like Kyle just working overtime to get out a Flyers blog. Have to tip my cap to the effort right? Wrong.

Kyle instead was out here attempting to make our blog look like a Mickey Mouse organization. The BLUES goalie?? The fucking BLUES??!?!?? Yo numb nuts. The Blues and the Blue Jackets are two different teams you big tall idiot. My god. Even Mitch wouldn’t mess that up and he might literally have cottage cheese where his brain is supposed to be.

Kyle wants to help make big company decisions at Branded and he can’t even figure out which NHL team is which. This would be like mixing up the Reds and the Red Sox. “Oh is this Cincinnati or Boston? I don’t know because I’m a big sack of stupid.” This is so dumb that the only thing that makes any sense at this point is Kyle is a mole. He was sent to Branded to destroy us from the inside.

I demand Kyle write an apology blog to all Flyers fans. And I demand he does it before end of business today. We’re a mostly Philadelphia blog. We can’t burn one 4th of the fan base.

These are my demands and I expect them to be met. Sorry for the inconvenience Flyers fans. Please bare with us in this trying time.

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