With Brady Returning Who Will Be His Replacement?

I’ve already blogged it here but I’ve basically guaranteed that Tom is coming back. If I had any type of reputation I’d stick my reputation on it. New report out now that Brady and the Pats will be meeting soon and that no one should worry. With that being said I’m worried.

I’m not concerned with Brady leaving or with how he is going to perform next season. This is going to be his last contract I imagine and we do need to find his replacement. Not to force him out like the Jimmy G situation a few years ago but someone to take a year or two of learning from the best to take over the reigns when it is time. I think Brady with weapons has one or two years left and I say that because I don’t want to see a Peyton Manning type of last year from Tom. That was hard to watch, hopefully he will retire before that happens.

I think we can all agree Stidham isn’t the next guy. I’m not saying cut him today and of course he could develop into a nice player but I don’t think he’s the future. There are a few realistic options I would be happy with.

First, and probably the least likely, trading up for Tua. I’m not convinced Tua is gonna be the next Russell Wilson but if he’s healthy he’ll be good. Downfall is he is going to the Dolphins at 5 unless we trade up. Can’t get up to 1 or 2 but the Lions might be willing to work with us. They’re projected to take Okudah at 3 and as someone who watched every OSU game this year I don’t hate that but he should still be there 5-10 if we could get a third team involved.

Now I’m not completely sold on Tua so I have a backup and I think I like the backup plan the most. I want Teddy Bridgewater! Big dick Teddy isn’t going back to New Orleans with Brees returning and I think not only is he one of the best backup options in the league he should be a starter somewhere. I think the problem with this is someone is going to give him starter money and we can’t match it.

Last option and my least favorite option is go and get Josh Rosen. I don’t know if he’s bad but I know there are better options. I think the fans would be most behind him and I’d love some chosen Rosen merch but I’m not sold on him. In his defense he was never given a real shot but he was outplayed by Fitzmagic consistently.

I fully believe and expect Brady to play for 2 more years but at some point they will need a replacement. I’d like to get the next guy in the system sooner rather than later.

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