Tuck Yourself In With: HBO’s Full Un-Aired “Frat House” Documentary

This is one of the greatest HBO documentaries of all time. It was actually banned and never aired. The cinematography takes you back to the days of grungy HBO satellite television that only the rich people on your block had. This doc is nostalgia city and featured a frat from Muhlenberg for the majority of the film. If someone asked you what the definition of douchebag is just show them this doc. They’ll understand 2 minutes in.

The documentary was directed by Todd Phillips who also directed Old School, The Hangover, and The Joker. It’s 60 minutes of entertainment and shows the darker side of frats and hazing. Obviously there is a ton of cringeworthy stuff, especially compared to today’s standards.

So tuck yourself in, fire this up, and fall asleep to the beautiful sounds of pledges being hazed. Some of you will probably conjure up PTSD.

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