Start Your Day With: ESPN Camera’s Not Getting A Single Shot of A Punch In The Prairie View Vs. Jackson State “Massive Brawl”


A+ work from the ESPNU producers today not tracking one punch in a supposed “massive brawl”. I woke up this morning to an ESPN notification about a “massive brawl” between Prairie View and Jackson St. and immediately took to Twitter to find it. I was thinking Malice at the Palace type of shit or at least Kansas vs. Kansas St. Nope. Just a ton of hold me back, running around, and shoving while the cameramen were drunk and cutting to a bunch of different shots of nothing. I almost got motion sickness these cameras were moving around so fast to try and record one punch. It looked like a Floyd Mayweather fight where he plays defense for 12 rounds and no punches are landed. ESPN if you’re going to interrupt my day with a massive brawl notification you better bring the heat. Now I have to do my due diligence and deliver the people some of the best basketball brawls ever. Don’t thank me, just remember who’s always loved and respected you, the fan.







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