Kaitlin “Poopy Pants” Bennett Gets Bullied so Hard It Almost Starts a Riot


Kaitlin Bennett pulled up to Ohio University this week and it was the most chaotic campus scene since I’m Shmacked was roaming the streets:

Pretty ironic that she poses with those military weapons all the time, and not a single soul is scared of her. They step right to her and bully her incessantly. How you don’t even go to this school and you’re still doing a walk of shame without having sex?

Best part is, the campus police don’t do a single thing about it. This looks like the scene from West Virginia St. Patty’s Day, except instead of binge drinking they just constantly berate a young girl the entire time. I know exactly why that police department didn’t speak or act up because I have their same mindset every day: I don’t get paid enough to deal with a shitty, annoying person like this!

I know we’re biting the cheese and falling right into what she wants: attention, no matter what kind. Even in this scenario where she is publicly bullied by an entire college campus, it helps her grow her brand. So, she can turn around, ignore the fact she’s a shitty person (no pun intended) and play the victim. The old adage in sports is, the always see the second punch. Bennett, shows up on college campuses everywhere and spills her hateful rhetoric while toting some military weapon. Then when people fight back or speak up, she plays the victim card.

I know, I know, if we just ignored her she would fade into oblivion. But, as someone who’s had to listen to a zillion “they should split up Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid” arguments this year, I can honestly say it’s really tough to ignore stupidity.

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