It’s The Warmest Winter On Record And Greta Thumbum Is Too Busy Prank Phone Calling Bernie Sanders



The polar ice caps are melting and we’ve got fucking Thumbum prank phone calling Bernie Sanders. This poor old man barely has blood flowing to his heart on a daily basis and now he has to worry about Thumbum asking if his refrigerator is running? Don’t you think he has enough to worry about with Buttplug and Uncle Joe literally breathing down his neck? If this guy dies at any point Thumbum is going to have blood on her hands if Bern has any left.

Halfway through the call he mentioned to Thummy that he’s got the support of a bunch of rappers and I thought he was lying through his wooden teeth. Turns out this guy has a bunch of rappers feeling the Bern (which may be Chlamydia). Cardi B is hootin and hollerin on her IG that she loves Bernie and she’s like the most powerful female rapper in the game. Lizzo’s on board, T.I., Killer Mike, Vic Mensa, Anderson Paak, Mike Posner (a bit of a stretch) & Lil Yachty are all on the Bernie Bus. He even has some indie band named Mannequin Pussy who’s voiced support, but I think that’s Elizabeth Warren’s alias.

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Anyway back to Thumbum. Has she gotten up from her nap yet? Remember she had to take a break from protesting the climate because she was tired over Christmas? Look what happens when you take one day off Thumbum now we have the warmest winter in 100 years. This climate is all your fault since you had to take one siesta over the holidays. Have a fucking backbone for me one time Thumbum. Stop prank phone calling people who are trying to make a change and looking like a Bond villain. Change my god damn climate. 

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