I Shit You Not, Guy Nearly Dies From Massive Poop

IFLSCINECE!Doctors in Australia have intervened after a man became so constipated his fecal matter gave him paralysis in one of his legs.

A 53-year-old took himself to the emergency room with abdominal pain that had been building for three days, swelling and nausea. More alarmingly, he was experiencing pain in his right leg, which he was unable to move for the past 24 hours. The leg had no palpable pulse and was cold to the touch, the doctors write in the BMJ Case Report.

His medical history revealed no drug taking, no risk of vascular disease and no significant medical history to speak of. It turns out he just really, really needed to poop. (Oh yeah, turns out you’ve probably been doing it wrong your whole life)

A rectal examination revealed that the man had impacted stools. A scan of his abdomen revealed he was suffering from massive fecal compaction and potentially life-threatening abdominal compartment syndrome (increased pressure in the abdomen).


The scan revealed his fecal matter had become so backed up, it had distended his large intestine and put pressure on his right iliac artery. This pressure caused the pain in his leg, as well as the paralysis. 

Due to the seriousness of his case (he was also showing signs of renal impairment and metabolic acidosis – where the kidneys stop removing as much acid from the body) he was taken to surgery right away to remove the backlog of fecal matter and relieve his abdominal pressure.

“Significant faecal disimpaction was performed manually under general anesthesia with approximately 2 Liters of faeces removed,” the team write in the case report. Yes, that means what you think it means. 

2 Liters of poop!! If you don’t think that’s a lot. Take a 2 liter bottle of soda and put that against your stomach. That is a shit ton of poop compacted in your stomach. Has to be the best feeling in the world getting all that out.


I want to know how this man kept all that poop in? Myself, I shit probably 3-4 times a day. Some say that’s an issue or too much, but compared to what this Aussie experienced, I’ll gladly evacuate my poop multiple times a day.

After the huge amount of feces was removed, he was given constipation relief. Four days later he was able to leave the intensive care unit, though it took him another 13 days before he was able to walk again.

The doctors were unsure of the cause of his build-up.

Shockingly, you can die from not pooping for extended periods of time. Some teenage girl, who had a phobia of toilets, died after holding it for eight weeks!!

Someone should have read ‘Everybody Poops’ to her, might have helped.


Or you have this guy, who voluntarily did not poop for over 40 days!

WHY??? Take your poop breaks at work, you’re getting paid to shit. Get in a few games of 8 ball, read Branded Sports and enjoy dropping the kids off.


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