Yankees Brett Gardner Is Trying To Get A Restraining Order From His Alleged “Future Wife” Who Says He Makes Sexual Signals At Her During Games

A 46 year old self-proclaimed Ph.D biotech entrepreneur is under fire for alleging that Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner aka her “future husband” is sending her sexual messages from the field.


Before anyone rushes to judgement here, what’s so crazy about Gina Devasahayam’s claims? I mean, when you know you just know right? Doesn’t matter if Brett is married with 2 children. If he’s the one, this is all pretty romantic; going all the way to a Bronx courthouse to defend your love.

What a world we live in nowadays–calling yourself someone’s future wife gets you a restraining order? How do you explain the fact that I have zero restraining orders on my record? Wes Welker must know deep down how this will end up.

First of all, of all athletes, why would anyone electively choose Brett Gardner?


My guy looks like a bush league Conehead with a prosthetic bald head without a baseball hat. He’s 36, 5’10 and probably not getting a ton of Instagram models in the DMs.

Gina says this all started back in 2015 when she shot Joe Girardi a quick email expressing her interest in Brett. With really nothing else on his plate, it’s a shame Joe couldn’t have connected the two earlier. As of 2020 they still have not met and if Brett has anything to say about it they never will. I’m fairly certain this is already the plot of a Lifetime original movie.

Last October, Gina sued the Yankees and the MLB for kicking her out of the Baltimore Orioles stadium after she nearly made it into the visitors clubhouse to see her man.

“I request the Court to grant me access to the Stadium in accordance with MLB fan policy and also in accordance with ‘Significant other’ of MLB player Brett Gardner,” she wrote in the lawsuit. “I am a Yankees fan and also the future wife of Brett Gardner.”

With the right lawyer I think Gina’s got a good case here. I also need to know a little bit more about this MLB fan policy. Gotta be a little tighter than the NBA fan policy where I’m pretty sure anyone with over 10K followers can waltz into the locker room on request.

Gina blames the MLB for getting in the way of her and Brett’s relationship (not his wife and 2 children who according to Gina “is not of importance”), and also says they have hacked her Twitter to steal her intellectual property which to me is the most improbable allegation. The MLB has no idea how a retweet works let alone how to hack someone’s account.

Not buying Gina’s story just yet? Here are here supporting arguments:

  • In a video of Gardner in the dugout, Gardner “motions with his hip on the stairs as though he is having sexual intercourse with me.”
  • She says Gardner makes “a sad face” during home games when she does not attend. She adds that Gardner was once ejected from a game by an umpire who likely received “signals” from her social media that she was angry with the outfielder.
  • After “3 years of romancing online,” she said she started attending games “because I see that Brett desires this.”

Look at this hip motion? Intercourse if I’ve ever seen it.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 3.25.53 PM

“You know, when he plays, he signals,” Devasahayam told NJ Advance Media. “They have their own signals, first of all, for pitch type and all that. … And then there’s another thing called romantically and sexually signaling toward me. That is how our relationship has progressed because he has started sexually signaling toward me.”

As someone who was sexually signaled to by Justin Timberlake during his Justified/Stripped tour in 2003 and spent 15 years trying to convince people to believe me, I feel Gina’s strife.

Sad during away games? Can’t see the background too well but this certainly could be the face of a guy who knows his online girlfriend is mad at him and not in the building.

MLB: New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays

With a restraining order pending, Gina is already banned from Yankee Stadium along with probably thousands of other stage 5 clingers Derek Jeter had banned back in the 2000’s. But something tells me some 23 year old ticket scanners patrolling Spring Training games are no match for Gina. True love knows no bounds.

If nothing else I’m sure Major League Baseball will handle this in the most professional way possible.


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