Jake Arrieta With A Bizarre Instagram Post This Weekend


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Everything is better with you momma❤️

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Not sure if I love this move or hate it. Is it adorable that he misses his lady? Of course, very sweet. Is it also just weird and scream “my wife is at home pissed off so let me do something to smooth things over.” Yes, yes it does. And when did he print this out? Did Jake do this before living. Because travelling with a picture of your wife this large is a little creepy. This is something someone does after they get caught cheating on their wife. Not saying that’s the case here.

I saw some people jumping in his mentions about the pedicure and calling that soft. Fellas, if you haven’t gotten a pedicure yet you don’t know what you’re missing. Mrs. CEO convinced me to get one and I’m not going to lie I was nervous going into it. But coming out? I couldn’t wait to book another. So if you’re take is getting a pedicure isn’t manly and some type of violation, you’re an idiot.

So I hope Jake this pedicure some how helps you on the mound because you could be the difference between an above average rotation and a below one. Need you to earn some of that contract you’re getting paid on. Thank you very kindly.

Go Phillies


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