I’m All Aboard These Batshit Crazy Hipsters Performing A Grief Ritual In Rittenhouse Square


When you bust, but she keep sucking.


Just another normal day in Rittenhouse Square. Seriously. This may be the 10th weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in that park. A lot of people claim New York has the weirdest “creatures” in their city, but I’m 100% positive Rittenhouse Square could go toe to toe with more weirdos per capita then NY. You’ve got the ‘Free Poems’ guy who I like because he’s just trying to bring joy to the world and get his rhyme on. You’ve got the random dancers who get in the way of everyone just trying to miserably carry on with their day. Then there’s that one homeless guy who’s hair has basically morphed into tree bark because he hasn’t had a bath in a decade. And finally we’ve got the Grief Gang over here just humping the fuck out of the climate and watering the soil with their tears.



Maybe my favorite part is the fact they have a sign that says “Feel Free to Join In”. Lady. I’d rather go sit on the same bench with the tree-bark hair guy and talk about whatever he’s rambling about during that day then join with you. At one point one of the people involved was stomping there feet around like they were a child who was forbid dessert and sent to their room. This other person was drooling like an English Mastiff waiting for breakfast.


grief gang


This old bag was beyond terrified. I mean she made it through the ’60s and a Great Depression. She’s seen some shit in her day and it still looked like she was petrified from seeing a ghost. I would love to pick her brain to find out what she thought this was at the time. Sometimes I think old people who just don’t understand our generation would be awesome content to just interview.




This guy made the classic double take mistake we’ve all be guilty of. You have to be prepared for anything when you’re walking in Rittenhouse or getting on the subway. Put your headphones in and stare straight to the ground. Don’t look up and most definitely DO NOT commit to a double take if someone is doing something strange or making a scene. If you double take most times the crazy person will see the second glance. And then you’ll get a, “What the fuck are you looking at?!” After that you’re in the mud and it’s every man for themselves. There are no rules. It’s your fault that you gave the double take.


He immediately knew he fucked up. He was startled at first wondering what that noise was. He quickly assessed the situation and then buried his head. I’m pretty sure his mind took over his body and he didn’t even remember committing to the second glance over. This guy’s just lucky it was batshit crazy hipsters and not someone who was having a bad day just looking to stab someone with a sharpened toothbrush.

There isn’t a much better feeling when you’re having a bad day and you walk by Rittenhouse and realize no matter how tough life is, at least you’ll never be apart of the Grief Gang. I’ll tell you what, that thought is going to start getting me up in the morning.

P.S. if you watched that video and didn’t think of the woman who just screamed “No” for a solid 5 minutes at Trump’s Inauguration we most definitely would not be friends outside of the Internet.

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