Can You Believe This Video Of Ben Simmons Physically Assaulting Joel Embiid?

I can’t believe Chris Broussard was right the whole time! Not only can Embiid and Ben not stand each other there’s now video evidence of Simmons physically assaulting Joel Embiid. I mean at this point where does it stop? You can’t just have your best player assaulting your other best player while trying to build a Championship pedigree. I mean this is 100x worse than when Latrell Sprewell choked P.J. Carlesimo (didn’t spell that right on the first six tries). Poor Embiid probably got third degree burns on his right butt cheek Simmons slapped him so hard.

Embiid wanted to murder him in cold blood!

I’m shocked Elton Brand and the Sixers haven’t come out with a statement yet. You have to think they’re talking with every team to try and trade Simmons by sundown. Guess we’re heading back to The Process. Which half of this town would probably welcome ya weirdos.

Oh and we’ve now done one full revolution around the ESPN Media sun. The ol’ beat the talking point into the ground so badly, that you come to the realization you were probably overreacting the whole time. The ESPN business model.

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