Athletic Journalist Is About To Get A Ton Of Heat For This Carson Wentz Concussion Joke

Oh boy. Bo is about to have a rough day. Because the joke isn’t funny? Nope, joke is very funny and it plays perfectly. Last season felt like destiny come playoff time. The old “don’t let us get hot” mindset was taking shape for this Eagles squad. Were they going to win the Super Bowl? Most likely not but if Wentz doesn’t go down in the Seattle game they were beating the Seahawks. No doubt in my mind. So if the joke is fair why would he catch heat? Because we’ve gotten soft as a fan base. 

Any time anyone says any thing about our teams the fan base gets their panties in a bunch. Only a matter of minutes until we see the follow tweets and facebook comments:

“A concussion joke…..funny.”

“Come down to the Wawa, I bet you wouldn’t say this to my face!!”

“You’re a fake Eagles fan you bum.”

And so on and so on. I can’t imagine what his DMs are about to look like. Yikes.

But let me ask all people reading this getting upset. Answer this honestly. If this same joke was made about Tony Romo would anyone of you be upset???? Answer truthfully…….exactly. And if you saw someone getting mad about this comment directed at Romo you would just say “yo bro chill out it’s just a joke dude.” 

So before you grab your pitchforks, torches and storm Bo’s door. Take a breath and enjoy a well placed one liner. As a whole we need to relax. Yes the national media sucks most of the time and paints Philly in a negative narrative. But you know why they do that? Because every time they do, Philly fans react like a group of kittens was just murdered with a wood chipper in Times Square. 

Don’t play into their hands. Laugh at yourself and if not fuck em. They are going to say it anyway, don’t get your self all in a tizzy. 

Ps: Love the word Tizzy 

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