We Just Found A Cure For The Coronavirus And It’s This Chinaman


How is the Coronavirus going to compete with this guy? He’s carrying an extra 6th grader in his stomach and he’s moving nimble as a Persian cat.

If I was the Coronavirus I would’ve just packed up and left when I saw this move.

I thought 100 fireballs were going to rapidly come out our guy’s fists like he was in Dragon Ball Z.

Can we be honest? I thought this was going down hill real quick especially when our guy hit this round-off.

I’ve seen this video before, fat guy is in over his head and eats it trying to impress everyone. He forgets he doesn’t have those quick twitch muscles like he used to. Not our hero here. He broke off three roundhouses and then finished the Coronavirus off with a Crouching Tiger.

P.S. There has to be a reason Coronavirus is spelled one word. I feel like Big Virus doesn’t want to give Corona free advertising.

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