Vernon Davis Acting On ESPN Will Make You Want To Jump Out Of Your Skin


What the fuck was that from Vernon Davis right there? When the ESPN anchor said give me something I was expecting maybe some badass line that he get’s to say right before his character kills 100 bad guys. Lines like “Get to the Choppa!” or ” I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you”. Instead we get his best Claire Danes impersonation and he just gave us the most awkward fake cry for what felt like 5 minutes. It was 50% convulsing, 30% orgasm, and 20% ….. . I wanted to crawl out of my skin and find a place to hide I cringed so hard.

And when he gave them this look I burst out laughing.



Like, “You motherfuckers better tell me that was good. I’ll throw you through this fucking table right now.” The one anchor did a better job of acting how impressed she was then Vernon did with his fake crocodile tears.

Though, I guess technically Vernon is a good actor because he made me feel a range of emotions. Embarrassment, happiness, and nausea. That’s how you know you’ve got an actor that’s going to have a career.

Maybe I’ll even go see his movie Red Winter if it makes it into theaters. The plot doesn’t seem that bad. If you give me Mexican drug cartels and murder I’ll eat right out of the palm of your hand.


Carla Andrews and Daniel Marx, a couple in a rocky relationship, decide to take some alone time in the Colorado mountains. After arriving, they quickly learn that they are far from solitude when Carla witnesses a murder at the hands of two cartel hit men. With the killers stalking them through the bitter cold, Carla must use her survival skills taught to her by her father to insure she’s the predator and not the prey in this bloody fight for survival.


Also, having Screech from Saved By the Bell doing the Cinematography is a no brainer. You know how many nude scenes are going to be in that movie? Tons. People forget Screech is a big porn guy. Porn and violating probation, that’s what Screech does.


dustin diamond


Was this just acting all along?



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