The Celtics Are Running Out Of Numbers To Wear

Kevin Garnett made the city of Boston care about basketball again. Of course Pierce, Allen and the rest of the team too but KG was so loved. Paul has been there forever but it was Garnetts team from the jump. The city just loved that he would rather die on the court than lose a game, you just don’t see genuine stars going 100% each play and hustling like he did. Maybe it is revisionist history but you weren’t seeing top guys diving for loose balls on a random Tuesday in December but Kevin was.

KG is my favorite Celtic and he should one billion percent have his number retired. With that being said… we’re running out of numbers guys. My kids are going to be rooting for guys wearing like 78 just because we have every number below 50 retired. Going to look like we are a family that loves offensive lineman.

Garnett deserves this and I’m so happy this is going to happen. Buuuut maybe we take off another 10 years before we retire anything else.

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