Stranger Things Just Dropped a Season 4 Teaser and Hopper is Very Much NOT Dead

Who’s back of the week: Jimmy freakin Hopper, baby.

Part of me wishes that they left this cliffhanger until the start of the season. But, a much larger part of me is excited that he is alive. And all of me is excited that we are the verge of another season of Stranger Things.

Last season was phenomenal but I actually thought Hopper had died and was curious to see where the show would go from there. That letter to Eleven was a gut-wrenching tear jerker to the extent you thought he MUST be dead since it conjured so much emotion.

But, there he is in all his glory, chilling on the Summit map from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Kudos to my sister who was adamant that during the last season, Hopper was the American prisoner the Russians were referring to. My dumbass thought they took Murray for his oddly extensive knowledge of Russian language and culture.

Hey, maybe this means that Billie is alive too! Well, maybe that’s a stretch, that creature kind of ripped his guts out and spilled them all over the Starcourt Mall.

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