Start Your Day With John Chaney Threatening To Kill John Calipari 26 Years Ago


26 years ago John Calipari saw his life flash before his eyes. The famous “I’ll kill ya!” rant by John Chaney during Calipari’s UMass post-game press conference was an all-timer. UMass was the hot upstart while Temple was the king of the Atlantic 10 at the time. Supposedly it all started after Calipari complained to the officials about certain calls even after he won, which set off Chaney. Chaney was reprimanded for going after the officials in West Virginia weeks prior. I always laugh when when the shirtless Temple players come all the way from the locker room to get their coach before he murders someone. The crazy part is Chaney was only suspended for a game after this. Today? That’s like 5-10 games minimum today and leading Sportscenter for a whole week with think pieces about, “Did John Chaney Commit Reverse Racism?” on Huffington Post.

I’m almost positive John Chaney came out of the womb at 67 years old. He’s the only coach to take on the embodiment of it’s mascot.




Read the oral history from the Daily Collegian about the rivalries of Temple and UMass in the 90s that led to Chaney going after Calipari. It’s Friday, you have nothing better.

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